Travel with Cyrus the believer, Peter the great, and the fearless Sofia into the hidden world of Zodiac Saga. Ride on a solid gold airplane. Meet Witch-Greta and her crystal ball. Meet the frightening Azznic, the metal beast. Meet Snake-y Von Tomb, the keeper of evil doers. Meet Gertrude and Garner from the Afterlife. Meet the bully himself, the ghoulish Judas. Get to know Mercy, the alluring daughter of Virgo and her magical cat. Above all, meet the Zodian gods also known as the Elders of Zodia or the Sacred Twelve who are the keepers of the universe.

The power of the Sacred Twelve is at risk from an unknown malevolent force seeking to destroy them and the universe. The now 13-year-old Cyrus O’Hara, who is now Lancaster, is on a mission to save the world from this powerful malevolent force. With his friends Sofia the fearless, Peter the great, and Judas the ghoul, they embark on a suspenseful journey encountering a world possessed with powerful magic and taking a trip into the afterlife and through time. Along the way they meet new friends, old friends, new foes, and old foes. Friends battle foes and each other as the true meaning of family and friends are revealed. A tragic turn of events leads Lancaster on a path that reveals a hidden secret as he learns more about his true identity.