In Zodiac Saga 1: The Search for the Temple, a bullied, 12-year-old young boy named Cyrus O’Hara believed in Zodiac gods. He proved their existence by finding the Temple of Zodia. The Zodiac gods are also known as the Sacred Twelve or the Elders of Zodia. One of the Zodiac gods had a vison of a malevolent entity that would destroy the world.

In Zodiac Saga 2: The Balance of Power, an unknown powerful force seeks to destroy the Zodiac gods and the entire universe. Cyrus, who is now known as Lancaster, embarks upon a suspenseful journey with his friends Sofia the fearless, Peter the great, and Judas the ghoul to save the world. Along the way they will encounter new friends, old friends, new foes, and old foes. A tragic turn of events leads Lancaster on a path to reveal a hidden secret about the Sacred Twelve.

Zodiac Saga 1 The Search for the Temple
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